Area Information & Attractions

Winslow Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center

For information of the Winslow area, visit the Winslow Chamber of Commerce. They sell souvenirs and have an extensive collection of information on the site in and around Winslow. Visit their web site for sightseeing and relocation information.

Winslow Attractions

The “Standin’ on the Corner” Park

Standin' on the Corner Park-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaThe “Standin’ on the Corner” Park in the historic downtown Winslow business district draws people from around the globe to take pictures with the life-size bronze statue of Jackson Browne. The statue is a tribute to the 1970 hit single by the Eagles, “Take it Easy” co-written by Jackson Browne and Glen Frey. “The Corner” is a unique photo opportunity and well worth the short trip to downtown Winslow. There are several inscribed bricks that pave the park that are fun to read.

Winslow’s Remembrance Garden

Winslow's Remembrance Garden-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaLocated on the corner of Transcon Lane and East 3rd Street, the Rememberance Garden is a memorial dedicated to the tragic loss of life on the fateful day, September 9,2001, and is Northern Arizona’s promise that “we will never forget”. Actual beams from the Twin Towers wreckage form the centerpiece of the garden and are the largest pieces given to any community in the nation by the City of New York. The towering beams stand like silent sentinels assuring that no one will ever forget the tragedy that touched all our hearts.

The First Street Pathway

First Street Pathway-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaLinking two famous Winslow landmarks, The La Posada Hotel at one end and the Hubbell Trading Post on the other end of the First Street Pathway this artfully landscaped six-block area represents Winslow’s diverse history. Route 66 ran through Winslow and many travelers arrived on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail way spending the night in one of the few remaining Fred Harvey hotels. There is a hand carved Totem Pole, carved by the renowned Peter Toth, that represents every state in the country. The totem pole was a gift from the carver to the State of Arizona and is a prominent feature on the First Street Pathway and is a unique photo opportunity.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaBoth Route 66 and train enthusiasts can relive the past and shop for Rt 66 and railway memorabilia and souvenirs in Winslow’s historic downtown shopping area. The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroad is a major hub and still runs daily through Winslow carrying freight to the Southwest.

The Old Trails Museum and Winslow Historical Society

Old Trails Museum-Winslow Historical Society-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaThe Old Trails Museum and Winslow Historical Society is located across from the “Standin on the Corner Park in the heart of Winslow’s historic downtown business district. There is no admission charge and visitors are encouraged to take photos of the exhibits. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM, the Museum chronicles the history of Winslow from the fossils of the Ice Age, ancient North American Native life, pioneer settlements, ranching, old trading posts and present day memorabilia. The museum’s unique collection of antique bottles, the history of Fred Harvey and the Harvey Girls, “The Mother Road Rt. 66, and more are on permanent display here and there are temporary displays that add to the historical interest of the Old Trails Museum. The original purpose of the 1920s building was as a Bank and the original tile floors and even the bank vault remain.

Brigham City

A “restoration in progress”, Brigham City was a fort built in 1876 by Mormon pioneers. The important story about the fort and the way of life near Winslow and the parts of remaining buildings are interesting and informative. The Brigham City Fort is located at exit 253, just north of Winslow.

Clear Creek

Clear Creek-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaAn unexpected treat in the high country desert of Northern Arizona just five miles South of Winslow lies the secluded, deep rock canyon known as Clear Creek Canyon. McHood Park, along the waters of Clear Creek, has restrooms, ramadas, grills and is the ideal spot for a picnic or camping. Canoe, fish, swim or enjoy the magnificent water feature your way. Be sure to take the camera to document your high desert splash.

Homolovi State Park

Homolovi State Park-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaJust three miles north of Winslow one can visit the Homolovi State Park and Little Painted Desert County Park to see ancient Hopi ruins and hike the many trails that wind through the pueblo ruins offering petroglyphs documenting the lives of the Native Americans. There is a visitor center that is open from 8 AM to 5 PM with an informative staff, and some camping and picnicking sites. The best views of the Little Painted Desert occur at sunset when the variations of the rock formations are highlighted by the setting sun. Plan an evening picnic, relax and enjoy.

Area Attractions and Sightseeing

Explore Northern Arizona by taking numerous day trips from Winslow, Arizona, your home base for your travels. Indian Ruins, Petrified Forest, Canyons, Waterfalls, Hopi Cultural Center, Meteor Crater, Sunset Crater Volcano Park and the Grand Canyon are but of few of the offerings. The Winslow Chamber of Commerce has more information about these and other sites. Visit the Winslow Chamber of Commerce or call 928-289-2434.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Canyon de Chelly National Monument-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaSheer red cliff walls are dotted with caves of ancient cliff dwellers inhabited between AD 350 and AD 1300. Learn about the history and lifestyle of the ancient basket makers to the Navajo who farm there today. Many activities are available from hiking, lectures Jeep and auto tours. Just 150 miles from Winslow in Chinle, Arizona, it’s a perfect day trip. Spectacular photo opportunities.

Grand Falls

Grand Falls-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaOften referred to as “Chocolate Falls” because of its muddy color, Grand Falls is massive, towering over Niagra Falls with a 183 foot vertical drop. Early Spring after the snow melt or after a Summer thunderstorm is the best time to visit this natural wonder and it’s only 48 miles northwest of Winslow. The access road can be rough so a high clearance or four wheel drive vehicle is recommended and there is a short hike to see the falls but it is a sight to behold. Grand Falls is on the Navajo Reservation.

Hopi Cultural Center

Hopi Cultural Center-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaThe Hopi Cultural Center operates the Hopi Museum that is located on Second Mesa, about 75 miles north of Winslow. This interesting Museum is dedicated to the preservation of Hopi traditions and is open Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM.

Jacks Canyon – Sport Rock Climbing

Jack's Canyon-Sport Rock Climbing-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaChoose from over 200 climbing routes for spectacular rock climbing on immaculate limestone on national forest land. Free camping in a section of the canyon named Moenkopi. A rock climber’s paradise with first rate steep routes in an isolated canyon. Approximately 30 minutes south of Winslow, Arizona.


Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaApproximately 50,000 years ago, only 27 miles from Winslow, a large asteroid collided with the earth in Northern Arizona creating a huge crater nearly a mile across and 550 feet deep. NASA used the site to train US Astronauts because of the close resemblance to the moon’s surface. The visitor center is air conditioned offering indoor viewing, a movie theater, gift shop and interactive discovery center that is fun and educational for all ages. A one-of-a-kind experience that should not be missed.

Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaGeologic faulting created the stunning 200 mile Mogollon Rim that rises high above the Mogollon Plateau. Recreational opportunities include hiking, picnicking, camping, fishing and hunting. The spectacular drive south of Winslow on highway 87 runs through dense forest, home to deer, elk and many other wildlife species.

Painted Desert

Painted Desert-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaA gift from Mother Nature, this unusual desert beauty displays creams, reds, purples and grays from the striations and windswept formations of unique shapes. There are petroglyphs on “Newspaper Rock” left behind by ancient civilizations that are a “must see”. Just 50 miles east of Winslow the Visitor Center shows a short film on how wood is petrified. Admission is $10 per vehicle.

Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaSee the fossilized remains of 200 million year old plants and animals and see trees that have been turned to stone over eons of time. There are ancient Indian ruins and petroglyphs to see throughout the park. There is a restaurant, museum, gift shop and picnicking area. Wilderness backpacking permits and self-guided auto tour information are available at the Visitor Center.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Park

Sunset Crater Volcano Natioanl Park-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaThis 1,000 foot volcanic cone became part of the National Park Service in 1930 and features a loop trail allowing visitors the opportunity to examine the volcanic features of Sunset Crater. Near Flagstaff, Arizona, approximately 50 miles west of Winslow Sunset Crater has a Visitor Center housing a seismic monitoring station, a brief film and several exhibits.

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Walnut Canyon National Monument-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaCanyon inhabitants dotted the canyon walls with over 300 small cliff dwellings more than 800 years ago. Protected from the ravages of time by the steep canyon walls these caves were home to hunter-gathers and traders. Hiking trails include a 185 foot climb on a stairway. There is a Visitor Center and a picnic area. Walnut Canyon is located near Flagstaff, Arizona, 50 miles west of Winslow.

Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki National Monument-Best Western PLUS Winslow Inn-ArizonaHome to the prehistoric Anasazi and Sinaguan, featuring a trail alongside the remains of Wupatki Pueblo near a once multi-story residential complex that included an amphitheater and ball court this was established as a National Monument in 1924. Start your trip at the Visitor Center for maps and information.


5.00 miles from Clear Creek, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and picnicking.

Destination Miles Time
Rt. 66 downtown Winslow 2 5 min
Standin’ On The Corner Park 2 5 min
Old Trails Museum 2 5 Min
McHood Park & Clear Creek Lake 5 5 min
Homolovi Ruins 5 5 min
Little Painted Desert (Hwy 87 N) 12 25 min
Cholla Lake and Park 22 25 min
Meteor Crater 27 30 min
Painted Desert 50 60 min
Walnut Canyon 50 60 min
Petrified Forest 60 1.25 hrs
Navajo and Hopi Nations 60 1.25 hrs
Mogollon Rim 60 1.25 hrs
Zane Grey Country 60 1.25 hrs
Hopi Indian Villages & Cultural Center 70 1.25 hrs
Sunset Crater 75 1.50 hrs
Oak Creek Canyon 80 1.35 hrs
Montezuma’s Castle 100 2.00 hrs
Montezuma’s Well 100 2.00 hrs
Grand Canyon National Park 140 2.50 hrs
Canyon de Chelly 150 2.75 hrs

Nearby Cities:

South on Highway 87 • Distance / Travel Time

Destination Miles Time
Payson, AZ 90 1.50 hrs
Mesa, AZ 163 2.50 hrs
Scottsdale, AZ 170 2.75 hrs
Phoenix, AZ (Airport) 185 3.00 hrs
Casa Grande, AZ 210 3.50 hrs
Tucson, AZ 270 5.00 hrs
Nogales, AZ 330 6.50 hrs


West on Interstate 40 • Distance / Travel Time

Destination Miles Time
Flagstaff, AZ 58 1.00 hrs
Sedona, AZ 90 1.50 hrs
Williams, AZ 90 1.50 hrs
Kingman, AZ 200 4.25 hrs
Las Vegas, NV (via Kingman) 300 4.75 hrs
Barstow, CA 415 6.50 hrs
Los Angeles, CA 550 9.00 hrs


East on Interstate 40 • Distance / Travel Time

Destination Miles Time
Holbrook, AZ 33 0.50 hrs
Gallup, NM 130 2.25 hrs
Grants, NM 185 3.25 hrs
Albuquerque, NM 265 5.00 hrs
Santa Rosa, NM 378 6.75 hrs
Tucumcari, NM 436 7.75 hrs
Amarillo, TX 550 10.00 hrs


  • 1.00 mile from Winslow Downtown Shopping
  • 2.50 miles from Safeway
  • 2.00 miles from Super WalMart

Corporate Locations:

  • 1.50 miles from Bank of the West
  • 2.00 miles from APS, utility
  • 3.00 miles from Little Colorado Medical Center
  • 2.00 miles from CableOne, television
  • 2.00 miles from Wells Fargo Bank
  • Winslow State Correctional Facility


  • 210 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • 2.00 miles from Amtrak No station services, covered platform only
  • 64.00 miles from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport


  • 1.00 mile from Northland Pioneer College, community college
  • 58.00 miles from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona